Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP useability - choosing linear vs perceptually uniform RGB

On 01/05/15 04:00, Gez wrote:
Hi Elle,
You know I'm with you regarding giving users more control over how
operations are performed, but tossing buttons for toggling between
linear and perceptual everywhere in the UI is not a proper solution.
It would be extremely confusing, and people would start toggling them
randomly without knowing what exactly they are for, and only a few
people would benefit from it.
I think that allowing that would complicate the UI and the the tools
themselves, as all of them should have both paths available.
A better solution would probably have to wait until proper
no-destructive editing is finally implemented, and operations are
visualized as a stack/chain/whatever.
I mean, instead of putting toggles on EVERYTHING, why not adding a tool
that says "from this point, the following operation/s will be performed
in linear/perceptual gamma"?
People used to node-based UIs will understand exactly what I mean.
The difference would be that only users who need the toggle will add an
operation that makes the switch when it's required. The UI will remain
lean, without extra options that could potentially confuse less advanced

It depends a bit what the workflow is. If users need to switch all tools at random between linear and perceptual, this will be complicated. But if you can categorize workflows into those that are always perceptual, those that are always linear, and those that are "let the tool choose what is more appropriate", then the only thing needed is a state indicator in the context, like "antialiasing" or "feather". Ah, but antialiasing and feather are in the individual tool options so we don't gain much... OTOH we start having a good excuse for a context dialog/widget, and isn't that exactly what the toolbox is already, with the color swashes and the brush/pattern/gradient display?

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