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On 03/20/2015 03:40 PM, SEDA AYDIN wrote:

Dear Authoried,


I’m working in Şişecam IT department as technology development
specialist. We have to learn some detail before installation approval
for Gimp software. If you you are not related person, can you direct it
to related person?

you have reached a mailing list, so this will be available to everyone
who is interested.

Now let's see...

1) How the program will be established (CD, *.iso, *.exe, URL etc.)?

Depends on the platform - the choices imply that you are using a
Microsoft Windows platform, so *.exe is probably what you want. The
downloads are at

2) The program runs on the server? Or just making installation on the
client PC is enough?

GIMP can certainly run on a server, but the usual installation method is
on client PCs.

3) What are the requirement for the program will be
installed in server and / or PC? (for example: Internet Explorer
version must be xxx, for opening documents Foxit / Acrobat Reader
version must be xxx,  * .iso / *. Exe file as the file to open the
installation will be required as prerequisites Is there a tool or
software, if the installation will make with * .iso / *. exe file do
we need extra tool or software as prerequisites, etc.)?

I can't think of any special requirements here.

4) How will licensing? User-based licensing or? Which has been
received as the number of licenses such simultaneous use? For
example: 4 given license, a person who will use as 5th person,
somebody have to be close the program?

This is easy - GIMP is licensed under the GNU GPL, and this license puts
no restrictions on usage:

Note that you can be required to pay attention to its terms regarding
distribution, see

5) Can the program be installed by a normal user? Or need to give
admin rights?

No, a normal user can't install the program- the installers available
from require admin rights (again, assuming this is
about a Windows platform)

6) Did the program run with admin rights?

It doesn't admin right to be run, but it can be run with admin rights
(no sure if I get that questions correctly).

7) İs there any problem for running with McAfee?

None that we know of.

8) İs there any particular security needs (will software need given
special permission on pc firewall, corporate firewall, proxy etc.)
for during usage or making license activation or update?

Not really - you might want to make sue that the online help is
accessible unless you plan to install that locally, but that is just
HTTP on standard ports.

9) How we can update ( from internet, will you make it, etc.) the software?

The usual method is to download from

10) In order to run the software, do we need to install additional tool or software?


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