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On 20 March 2015 at 13:43, Chandana Bandara <cbsoftware gmail com> wrote:
Greetings from Chandana,

Hi Chandana -
welcome to this group.

Thank you for your suggestions.
In fact the workflow you suggest could be made explicitly possible in
the future as we move GIMP to
a non-destructive editing paradgim using GEGL

That will take a lot of time, however - as there is a huge lot of work
for such fundamental changes.

However, the good news is that the underlying image processing in GIMP
- GEGL - was conceived
to allow preview renderings - that would behave just like you suggest
(working on the
zoomed out part of an image as if it were a smaller image, for
example) - and just this week
Pippin sent an e-mail detailing how the final pieces are being put in
place so that this starts working.

So - it is not so simple, or explicit for the final users as you have
it in your e-mail, but it is basically the same idea -
just search the list developer list archives for a message from Øyvind
Kolås on March the 18th to see the details.


I have an idea that can make a huge impact on performance increase on GIMP
image manipulations. This idea occurred to me when I was working on a large
banner which I had to do some experiments (Colour changes, layer movements,
Font changes, etc...)

The problem was, it took so long time to do even a small change in the
image. I do not have huge memory. What I thought was, what if I can
1. Get a copy of the current image (with all layer details)
2. Resize it to a smaller version
3. Do all the modifications I do in the small version
4. Apply all changes I did in the smaller version to the larger version

This way, computer resources required are much less than what needed in the
original image. We need to implement a way so that GIMP will remember all
the modifications we do in the small image and from a single click GIMP
should be able to do it to the larger image. Another good version of this
idea would be to

1. Create a small image
2. Do whatever we want in to the small image
3. From a single click, GIMP create scaled up image and apply all the
things we did to the small image to the large image

Please take this idea into consideration.

Thank you,
Chandana Bandara
Coolbit Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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