Re: [Gimp-developer] Cage Transform Tool's transformations

On 17 March 2015 at 18:13, Alexandre Prokoudine <
alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:

On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 9:47 AM, Joseph Bupe wrote:
The Cage transform tool should transform only once with an aggregate
transformation. It would make the workflow a breeze than in it's current

Joseph, you are basically suggesting to make the tool less interactive
to make it more responsive. The real solution is to just make it more
responsive without losing interactivity :) When this will be done is
an entirely different question. We know what needs to be done, but
code contributions are required to make that happen.

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First, I do not understand which part of my suggestion will be making the
tool less interactive. All I am suggesting is to improve it so that it
works as good as in the bounded beharmonic weights demo here: . I believe our tool was
designed work like bounded beharmonic weights cage tool. Please, correct me
if I am wrong.

Secondly, If really "we know what needs to be done" and supposing you meant
in relation to the cage transform tool, isn't it reasonable to request the
author - Michael Muré for further refinement, considering the erraticness
of code contributors?


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