Re: [Gimp-developer] Sample points

On 09/03/15 21:50, Michael Schumacher wrote: On 03/08/2015 03:10 PM, Ofnuts wrote:
I wondered about that at the time, but the Path technique has several
advantages over the sample points:
  * you are not limited to 4 points
You are not limited to 4 sample points.

Well, I stand corrected, you can indeed create more than 4. So you can create more that 4 "markers", but I couldn't find a way to make the "Sample points" dialog show more that the first 4 so you would really have only four "sample" points :)
  * you can keep points and target layer in synch using the links
If this is the goal. Keeping them fixed in relation to the image might
be a different goal.

  * you have sub-pixel accuracy
If this is so desired, then it is an advantage for paths.

Neither paths nor sample points are what you really want it you need
markers in an image, though - the numbering would be really nice, fixing
them to either the image, a layer, a path would be useful as well.

In that regard, the ingenuity of script writers to use paths for that
sort of input plays out as a disadvantage for GIMP, because otherwise
someone might have implemented such markers already.
... so we would have sets of points, that can be saved (since creating them can take time), therefore possibly edited, definitely managed ("Markers" dialog), passed as parameters to scripts (PF_MARKERS), or acted upon from the management list (<Markers> menu location...). This starts to look a lot like polygonal paths except that you cannot get a selection from them...

Now give me a set of points, with call-backs to a plugin when the points are moved, and that could be a very different story...

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