Re: [Gimp-developer] handle transform tool

On Fri, 2015-03-06 at 23:33 +0300, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

Here's some first feedback regarding the newly added handle transform
tool. Pleas bear in mind that it's just my personal observations, I
could be dead wrong about something.

I see that the new tool might have some uses (personally, i'm
struggling with finding those, even after watching, but that's my problem), but there are a
few issues in this tool regarding consistency and logic of operation.

The way it works right now is:

1) Once you switch to it, the default mode is transformation. However,
there is nothing to use for transformation, because there are no
handles. This is problem #1: defaults don't make sense and demand
extra clicks for no good reason.

2) So you switch to the mode to add/adjust handles. Pressing shift and
clicking the first time does nothing. You have to click the second
time to actually add a handle. This is problem #2: an extra click for
no good reason.

3) After you added four handles, you cannot add any more handles, but
there's no indication of that (we usually use the status bar and
change tool's mouse pointer for hints like that). This is problem #3:
no user support with hints how to use the tool.

4) With four handles, it's too easy to completely mess up and end up
with an invisible layer. Here's an example. Original position of four

And now after unfortunate tweaking of the position of the lower right handle:

Yeah, I know: "well, don't do that then", but isn't there a way to
figure out that the current position of a handle doesn't make sense,
and then stop movement of the handle and, I dunno, flash the outline
of the layer (made by the transfomation cue) with red for visual
warning? it's just an idea.

Now, compare that to the Cage transform tool that was designed by Peter:

1) Default mode is adding cage vertices. Makes a perfect sense.

2) You only need to click once on the canvas to start adding vertices.
Again, exactly right.

3) Once you closed the cage, the tool automatically switches to
transformation mode all on its own. Makes a perfect sense again. (Hard
to compare to handle transform tool which can have 2 to 4 handles,
depending on what the user needs, but you get the point, eh?)

Let's get back to handle transform's issue #1. Since it's up to the
user, how many handles should be added, making the add/adjust mode the
default one doesn't make sense either:

- if it's the default one, then it's the one where user spends most
time, therefore it should have no modifiers, whereas the move mode
should get one. But it's unlikely that users will spend most of their
time adding and adjusting handles rather then tweaking the actual
transform (this, of course, is subject to testing, and I'm merely

- if we don't assign any modifiers to modes at all -- the way we do
with the Cage transform tool (and it's an issue as well) -- it means
we force users to rely on mouse-clicking rather than using convenient
and consistent modifiers.

As you can see (or maybe not :)), neither of the modes in the handle
transform tool is a sensible choice to be the default one, and
operating the tool is full of extra clicking and surprises.

Much of the above is true, but that's not why I'm replying.

With Peter's departure I don't really have a suggestion how to deal
with this kind of a situation. It's great that people contribute code,
and I'm thankful to them. But do we want to pile underdesigned
features up again? Personally, I wouldn't like to see the project to
go back to pre-2006.

As said on IRC, we have the playground now. The only reason why you
are able to write this mail is because the code is now ready to
try for *everybody*

- not only to people who apply a rotten patch from bugzilla
- not only to people who check out and bulid a branch

The sum of these "not only" people is close to zero.

So now we have some new code, in the playground, so that it will
be off by default in a stable release. Everybody can try it, we
can improve it, you can complain about it.

What's the purpose of having the playground if it's forbidden
to play on it?

Pre-2006... WTF.


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