Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature suggestion: Gimp aspect ration based on golden rule

On 16/06/15 23:14, Tim wrote:
Hi folks,

first of all i would like to thank you undiscribable much for that grate
image manipulating tool which was so good that a whole user environment
was build onto its toolkit...

I just have a some feature suggestion that i would consider as nice to have.

In gimp it is possible to select a rectangle area fixed to an aspect
ration of the users choice. Here in Germany we have got some paper
formats after the so called "DIN A" norm (DIN A4 is the most popular
one)[01] which aspect ration is based on the golden rule (1 to the
square root of 2).

It would be nice if there would be a feature for that, like as i
discribed in the attached screenshot.

I refer fo comments bout this with this...

The "Golden Rule" isn't about sqrt(2). The golden rule us about (sqrt(5)+1)/2 (~=1.618034, aka "Phi") which has the nice property that 1/Phi==Phi-1. Sqrt(2) is just the form factor that remains constant when you fold/cut a rectangle in half across the longest side which is why it has been chosen for paper formats.

Besides 1.618:1 and 1.4142:1, there are plenty of notable aspect ratios: photographers use 3:2 (DSLRs) or 4:3 (compact cameras) as well as various wide-screen formats (16:10, 16:9), there is also obviously a case for 1:1...

In practice if you have a fetish for some specific ratio, set it in the tool (Rectangle Select or Crop), and use the small diskette icon at the bottom of the Tool options to save it as a preset (you can even give it an icon). Then in one click on the load preset icon you can restore the aspect ratio, the "Keep aspect ratio" checkbox, and any other mundane setting (origin, centering, etc...).

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