Re: [Gimp-developer] A new curious guy is coming

Hi Ilphrin,

glad you want to help! It is no problem, that English is not your first
language. Most of the Gimp developer are not native English speaker.

There is an Wiki page, that may help you with getting started:

And there are some easy tasks marked in the bugzilla with the "GNOME-love"

I would suggest that you:
1. Find something that you are interested in.
2. Try to compile the latest developer version from git.
3. Talk about your planned solution (IRC or this Mailing list)
4. Code (Try to fix something small to get into the code.)
5. Add a Git-Patch to a bug in bugzilla.


2015-07-04 22:24 GMT+02:00 Kevin Pellet <ilphrin autistici org>:

Hi all,

I am Kevin (aka Ilphrin, I prefer Ilphrin), I am a 19 years old student
in IT (at Epitech in France). I really love free softwares, and as I
know the C language, I thought it could be great to give my humble
assistance to help developing Gimp. I use Gimp since 5 years now, but
just to do some fixes on photos or colorizing some line arts. I do not
have an advanced knowledge on Gimp as a user, but I love learning new
things so I often search a new way to do something with Gimp (and other

I would code for Gimp, but as I don't really know where to start, I
thought it would be better if I would be subscribed to this mailing list
to introduce myself. By the way, I'm not exactly bilingual so if there
is some strange things I write, remember that English is not my first
language :-) (but I should not make so many mistakes).

Have a nice day/night!

Kevin "Ilphrin" Pellet
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