[Gimp-developer] A new curious guy is coming

Hi all,

I am Kevin (aka Ilphrin, I prefer Ilphrin), I am a 19 years old student
in IT (at Epitech in France). I really love free softwares, and as I
know the C language, I thought it could be great to give my humble
assistance to help developing Gimp. I use Gimp since 5 years now, but
just to do some fixes on photos or colorizing some line arts. I do not
have an advanced knowledge on Gimp as a user, but I love learning new
things so I often search a new way to do something with Gimp (and other

I would code for Gimp, but as I don't really know where to start, I
thought it would be better if I would be subscribed to this mailing list
to introduce myself. By the way, I'm not exactly bilingual so if there
is some strange things I write, remember that English is not my first
language :-) (but I should not make so many mistakes).

Have a nice day/night!

Kevin "Ilphrin" Pellet

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