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On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 12:02 PM, Pedro Albuquerque
<palbuquerque73 gmail com> wrote:

I started using Gimp some time ago and first thing I noticed is that the
translation to Portuguese-Pt, besides not being complete, is outdated.
So I've been poking around to try and figure out how to do it.

I attached an image with some .po files. Can someone tell me if these
are indeed the files to translate?

The mailing lists do not accept attached files. So your image did not
go through. Also I think that all contributions (not only code) should
likely use the gimp-dev mailing list, rather than user list.
This said, for localization in particular, you may find better help by
asking the GNOME localization team (since GIMP is hosted on GNOME
Don't hesitate also to ask devs on IRC.

If not, where do I find the correct ones?

For any kind of contribution, I would advise to check first the
development version (maybe that's what you were doing already, but you
don't say), because maybe what was wrong in the release could have
been fixed since then.
If you know how to use git, you can clone our repository:

$ git clone git://

Then if you want to work on the stable branch (for GIMP 2.8.* bugfix
releases), checkout the gimp-2-8 branch. Otherwise stay on master for
our main development branch for the next major release.
Our main po files are under po/. Some other localization files are
under po-*/ (for plugins, libraries, etc.)

For portugues: po/pt.po

Furthermore, where should I place the translated files, under Ubuntu?

Well, you have to compile the po files into a mo file. But I am unsure
if you can build only these files without building the whole tree. You
can try though. Configure your source tree and build this way:
$ ./configure --any-option --you --want
$ cd po
$ make update-po
$ make

If this does not work, maybe you have to build the whole tree.
In the end, you'll have a file. If you wanted to test it on an
existing GIMP installation (provided you don't mix versions), you may
copy and rename the as share/locale/pt/LC_MESSAGES/
(under the correct prefix).
Note though that it may not be wise to modify GIMP binaries installed
by your package manager, if this is what you are looking at, though
for localization files, this may not be too bad.

And, last but not least, how can I make that translation available for
next versions?

When you get updated po files, you can make a patch with git (or just
send the po file should be fine, I guess, for a first time), and make
a bug report on the bugreport:
The product must be "l10n", and not GIMP, but tell this is for GIMP in
the report title (and tell whether this is for GIMP 2.8 or master).

Thank you for any help possible.

You are welcome.
I know this can be overwhelming and I did not go into too much details
(since I don't know your level of proficiency in the various tools we
use), but do not hesitate to ask for more steps by steps details when
needed, by email or on IRC.
have fun.


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