Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP looking for babl and GEGL outside the prefix

Hi Partha, Chris, and Mukund, and thanks! for trying to help sort this out.

I've rebuilt babl/GEGL/GIMP in a prefix many times without any problems. The problem started when I installed babl/GEGL/GIMP-2.8 from Gentoo portage. For some reason GIMP from git is looking for babl in /usr before checking the prefix.

Mukund, the build script failed with gegl saying it couldn't find babl.

Chris, I don't know how to make sense of what's in the makefile. I did look at it.

Partha, I'm not sure how to interpret these lines:
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/babl/lib/pkgconfig;/opt/gegl/lib/pkgconfig;$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Babl has no dependencies and so you can build it first.

Then to build gegl, I would say
./configure --prefix=/opt/gegl LIBS=-L/opt/babl/lib CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/babl/include

because there is no "blah/babl/lib" but rather "blah/lib/babl". So I tried the following:

./ --prefix=/home/elle/code/gimpdefault/run LIBS=-L/home/elle/code/gimpdefault/run/lib/babl-0.1 CPPFLAGS=-I/home/elle/code/gimpdefault/run/include/babl-0.1

and similarly for GIMP, which ended in the same GIMP "make" error message about an undefined reference to `babl_format_get_model'.

I'm sure Partha's advice is on the right track. The babl build ends with the following:

Libraries have been installed in:

If you ever happen to want to link against installed libraries
in a given directory, LIBDIR, you must either use libtool, and
specify the full pathname of the library, or use the '-LLIBDIR'
flag during linking and do at least one of the following:
   - add LIBDIR to the 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH' environment variable
     during execution
   - add LIBDIR to the 'LD_RUN_PATH' environment variable
     during linking
   - use the '-Wl,-rpath -Wl,LIBDIR' linker flag
   - have your system administrator add LIBDIR to '/etc/'

Unfortunately I don't know the right syntax and place to implement above.

Anyway, thanks! everyone for trying to help. At this point I'll use the "workaround" of uninstalling babl/GEGL from portage before updating babl/GEGL/GIMP from git, unless someone knows how to implement the above babl output.


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