Re: [Gimp-developer] Drop shadow - a question from an user - developer-version 2.9

Alexandre Prokoudine writes:
Does this GEGL op do anything for you at all? Because it does
absolutely nothing for me (duly noted in,

Joao S. O. Bueno writes:
Yes, I've just tested it and it is definitely working here.

I've seen it do nothing, but I've also seen it work. It might have
something to do with the scale or transparency of the active layer, but
I haven't figured out the rules for when it works vs. when it doesn't.

In truth, I haven't tried very hard since the GEGL drop shadow
doesn't work well enough to be usable, so I use the old non-GEGL
plug-in.  I agree with everyone else that the shadow needs to be on
its own layer -- especially on text layers, where GEGL drop shadow
currently does nothing except discard the layer's text information.


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