Re: [Gimp-developer] Drop shadow - a question from an user - developer-version 2.9

Although the filter is intended to work that way, I consider it to be a bug.

As you know, GIMP 2.9 is still under heavy development, an done of the
pending things is to find-put a way
to have the "classic" plug-ins installed back again on a running GIMP
- that way, any regressions such as this could
be work-arounded by installing the previous script.

In this particular case, I am in favor of restoring the extra-layer
creation behavior, or at least have a checkbox
to imply it. The uses I myself make of "drop shadow" always require a
separate layer.

 (For developers: I know that breaks the "a single gegl-op" paradigm
for such a plug-in - since it would have to fiddle with the image
layer stack - that means that some plug-ins can't simply become an op
with automated GUI, but have to be actually coded and call GEGL and
gimplib/pdb to manipulate the image)

For now, if you can find the "drop-shadow.scm" file from any gimp2.8
(or less) install and put it in yours scripts dir, it will work.


On 8 February 2015 at 10:26, Axel und Doris <ad-emmering t-online de> wrote:

OnIRC-Channel they told me, it ist better to ask the developer directly or
write in the bug-report. So, I hope this is the right place now for my

I took a first look of the new development version 2.9. on my win7 system.
Great work!
My question: The new Filter “Drop Shadow” creates no extra layer. Is this a
bug or a new feature?

It would be very importend for our work to get the shadow on an extra layer,
because we need it for extra manipulations.
It will be nice, if we have the choice to merge down the layers or not.

Thanks for your time to get it fixed.
do-se (this is my nick in the gimp-world)

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