[Gimp-developer] Lack of accuracy


I am using exclusively Gimp since 10 years fo all my graphic needs. But I
used it for a long time as a developper, and did not require a high level
of result. However these last years I have much increased my need in
designs and pictures.

I have donated several times to the Gimp foundation, considering that as I
use it and that Gimp allows me to create great content with powerfull
process, it was legit.

Now I start to be very bored by the lack of accuracy of Gimp. When I resize
a calc it becomes blured, it even creates a semi-transparent line at top
and left. So you can cut these lines, but you lose a pixel top and left...
And about the centering of the picture, it becomes totally broken.
When you rotate something, same effect of blur.

Quite shamefull, I better use a php script I have written on my personnal
website to do resizes and rotates, as it gives to me a perfect result
whereas Gimp don't.

There is plenty of threads on internet about why choose Photoshop or Gimp,
and most of them are just boring and not interesting, speaking about the
GUI or stupid things nobody really care. Every software need to be learnt.

I speak about the result I can obtain from very basic process like resize
or rotate. They are unacceptable for me. Gimp can't be a professionnal
option in this state.

I just worked on a picture during one month. During this month, I have seen
more and more that the text in my picture is blured. This text is resized
and rotated. And now I think that I can't accept this blured result. And
there is no other option with Gimp. I can't have a better result as it is
these basic process who blurs the text. Am I supposed to use my PHP script
for that ? I have accuratly used this picture in some website, and I am
sure that I will have scale issues if I resize with my script instead of
gimp. My script will make it perfectly while Gimp won't. And combining
these two results will break my visual result and the accuracy of my
program. I think that I have not other alternative to re-work at least one
week to get a professionnal result...

I know that I am speaking in the Gimp forum, and some users may flame me to
say that.
As I said first, I am a Gimp user since 10 years, and I have been happy
with it. But I am a professionnal, I need results. That is why I'd like to
know if it is planned to perform better basic process like resize and
rotate in a very near futur, or if I can't rely on Gimp for my needs. Maybe
you can consider my thread as a bug report, I don't know.

I have spent much time to learn Gimp. I have enjoyed the growing results of
my works and my skills. I have happily donated to Gimp. But now I may leave
it. Maybe the heart broken. But I need quality results.

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