Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Texttool Native Language

El 26/09/14 a las 15:18, Partha Bagchi escribió:
I am trying to figure out how to type in languages other than
English.However, even if I select "Use Selected Font", I still don't
see the native language and text still comes out in English.

Here is a screenshot.

Is there something I am missing?

Forgive me if I tell you anything is obvious to you, but I see you typed "This is a text" so, "This is a text" is what Gimp shows.

If you want to type anything in other language, I think you must type " 红房子" and then, select a font with support for this chararacter set.

In other words, the language is not defined by the typefont itself, the typefont could have or not support for one language or other, but the language is defined for the words you type.

I Repeat: May be I'm wrong and I'm tell you something that you know yet, then forgive me. But I think you typed "This is a text" on english, so, maybe this message could help you.

Tell me if this helps you or I'm telling nonsense things! ;)

Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)

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