Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Gui redesign

Hi Ricardo -

This is the correct forum --
just let me give you some advice so that you can start to adjust your
expectatives, and avoid frustration both to you and to developers:

GIMP is a huge project, with a history going back almost 2 decades,
has millions of lines of code, and is maintained by _few_ volunteers -
in their spare time.

That means any changes that are all set to go, and agreeded upon take
months or years to be completed. Sometimes even featrues that appear
simple to people outside the code.

That said, for _some_ of things in the UI there was a careful planing
and thinking on them.
Some of them just where finished up in a way "this is what I could
come up with" along the years - and still, there are some UI features
reviewed and backed by UI experts in the queue to get implemented.

Moreover, any new UI feature should be tought and approved by the
people thinking the UI and UX aspects of the project, regardless of
what proponents and developers both think about it.

I think you can perceive that a proposal for a "complete overhaul" of
the UI, - as suggested by your
"Gimp Gui redesign" e-mail title will hardly be welcome all at once -
even if most of the suggestions are actually great improvements on the
current program.

Therefore, please, keep in mind that in this forum there are people
who put several years of their lifes in making the program be what it
is today - most of times believing what we have today is the right way
to do it. And sometimes it just is. :-)  (mostly not, we are well
aware of a lot of pitfalls in the UI). There are also people
passionate about UI aspects - jsut quietly waiting for discussion to
begin ...

That said, again, this is a good forum as any to present your ideas. Welcome.


On 22 September 2014 19:14, Ricardo Patiño <dragoncross111 gmail com> wrote:
I really don't know hot to contact anyone at gimp a just need help I did
something and i would like to show it to the people who are in charge or
who work with the GUI. Just to see what the think about it!. Thanks!!! I
will really appreciate any help wt it. This is only a preview..i have

              ATT Ricardo
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