Re: [Gimp-developer] OSX - solution

Ok, good news, between the indomitable Partha and myself (mostly Partha, I was just testing), we managed to identify the problem and Partha was able to fix it and provide a working build.

Fault finding eventually got us to running

$ locale

which on my machine resulted in LANG and LC_ALL being blank whereas Partha's machine offered


After running

$ export LC_ALL="de_DE.UTF-8
$ cd /ApplicationS/
$ ./gimp-bin

It came up in German and following
$ export LC_ALL="gd.UTF-8

it came up in Gaelic. Partha diagnosed that "The previous default you had was "C" which mean gtk will always provide you an English interface." Partha's current build has some fix that means that the dropdown now shows all languages and implements them correctly.

I don't know what Partha technically did, perhaps he can comment on the technicaly solution in his build?


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