Re: [Gimp-developer] Someone is using the gimp name and icon in the apple App Store

On 20.09.2014 17:50, Seldom Needy wrote:

I take it it wasn't a *FREE* app, is that right? (Or even really
anything to do with GIMP...) Otherwise even a semi-featured port of
GIMP as a mobile application for iOS wouldn't be so bad.

Is was something totally different - an application built around the
Aviary SDK (apparently violating their terms of use, at least this is
what the Aviary developers told me), and with a "totally not abusing
GIMP's name, can't you see it is a totally different full name" name
slapped onto it to boost its sales.

Regarding GIMP itself on iOS:
Our understanding of the iOS app store ToS is that there can be no
GPL-licensed software there.

Also, GIMP on a primarily touch-based interface would have to look and
feel really different.

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