[Gimp-developer] Libre Calendar 2015

Hey all,

With a bunch of awesome artists, we are making a short printing
project of a calendar (the old style for your walls!).

The artists are: Patrick David, Aryeom Han, Henri Hebeisen, Gustavo
Deveze and Brian Beck.
Two of them are photographers using GIMP, 2 are illustrators also using GIMP.

We are selling the calendars 15 EUR (delivery included) and any profit
from the sale will be shared between the non-profit association, the
artists themselves (because they deserve it and we want to make clear
that artists are important and must be paid fairly), and a part will
be donated to a selection of Free Software for graphism. Of course
GIMP is part of the selection.
Hope you'll be interested.

Association LILA (also GIMP developer)

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