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* Joseph Bupe <joseph bupe gmail com> [10-30-14 03:23]:
On 30 October 2014 02:39, Paka <ptilopteri gmail com> wrote:
* Joseph Bupe <joseph bupe gmail com> [10-29-14 20:34]:

I would love to see the GIMP open file explorer

er, "file exploder" ???  rather dolphin or krusader or ...

updated to allow multiple thumbnail view; unlike the current explorer
where I have to know the name of the file and click it to view it's

Why want somthing you already have?  This is how my system works unless
the image is larger that my preview settings.

In Krita 2.8.2, images in a selected directory are displayed as
immediately you navigate to that directory. So if I do not know the name
a file I can choose it based on its content as seen from a thumbnail
other thumbnails, than clicking each file through the list of files as in

I hope this is a usability issue that can be resolved in the earliest
possible time.

You are missing something ???

Hi Patrick

You wrote > This is how my system works unless the image is larger that my
preview settings.

so change the preview setting, duh ????
Exactly my point. This limitation does not seem to exist in Krita.

but you are in control, change it.
You wrote >You are missing something ???

YES I am.

Apparently, Krita opens files using the standard open file dialogue of
the user's operating system.  IMHO, this is the way to go.

And the operating system is chosen by ...   hint, you.
Did you even compare the Gimp's open file explorer with that of Krita?
If not I challenge you to do so and see for your self than to believe
they are the same.  See attachment if you can.

On my system they are quite similar.  Attachments aren't allowed here.

ps: Your quoting style is quite difficult besides answering questions
  before they are asked and including sigs and other irrelevant data. 
  Some consideration is expected.  One would think a "computer
  professional" as your sig indicates, would know better.  TOFU
ps2: I cleaned it up for you.  :^(

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