Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 / 2.9 File explorer

On Thu, 30 Oct 2014, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

30 окт. 2014 г. 3:32 пользователь "Joseph Bupe" <joseph bupe gmail com>

Hi developers,

I would love to see the GIMP open file explorer updated to allow multiple
thumbnail view; unlike the current explorer where I have to know the name
of the file and click it to view it's thumbnail.


As Michael pointed out, this isn't exactly GIMP's file explorer. So your
request, while understandable, is somewhat misplaced.

Just a little background from the way Krita is wrestling with file dialogs... Qt supports using the platform file dialogs, actually using the GTK file dialog (not a rewritten look-alike) on Gnome, Unity or Mate, the
OSX one on OSX, the Windows one on Windows, the KDE one on KDE, using two
different api's. And a Qt one when Qt cannot figure out where the applicatiion is running.

This means having eight different sets of bugs and missing features, ranging from weird hangs when the application has something on the clipboard and the GTK file dialog opens, to the OSX file dialog selecting the wrong file type in the type dropdown if there are file types with more
than one standard extensions.

We might have previews on some platforms, but we also have pain on most. I must have spent more than forty hours fighting those issues, for very little real gain. If I were a user, I'd use an application like gwenview or the platform equivalent on a second monitor to manage my images and D&D the images.


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