Re: [Gimp-developer] save brushes, dynamics and tool preferences as compressed brush

i understand your direct answer. I'd love to contribute to the Gimp project, but i've no idea how to code in 
C. :D

I dont know if Gimp should care about brushes in krita and mypaint, if the Gimp has already too few 
developers-i'd say this is too much effort, to harmonize Gimp with code from other apps. 

Using Gimp for years now, i got everything working: from digital painting to photo retouching, to layouts, 
textures and what the heck else. If somebody is used to work with Krita, good, then that he uses Krita. And 
if somebody wants a common brush/shared brush system between different apps, then he/she should considerate 
to code such a bonus by himself. I need no "workflow" jumping from one app to another, if Gimp is powerful 
enough. :)  

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