[Gimp-developer] enhanced color wheel

Hi there,

objective: adding a variable geometric figure (seen as filigree line figure) in Color>Wheel (dialog)
to identify color harmonies (complementary, tris, quad, penta, esa) and using as reference the foreground 

I'd suggest to add a geometric figure inscribed inside the color wheel which uses the color apex (not the 
apex of the values black/white) to build up variable geometric figures for different color harmonies -see 

to complete this feature, i would be worthy to add a color bar at the bottom of the color wheel dialog. 
Choosing one of the colors in this bar should not affect the color wheel to change color, to keep 
autogenerated colors in place, till the user moves not the wheel and gets new color harmonies. Maybe this 
could be an issue. Some ideas how to work around this issue?

see link:
p.s. the pentagonal figure following the color apex. 



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