Re: [Gimp-developer] unified "artistic tools"

Johann <jo.y.venn <at>> writes:

Hi there,

unified "artistic tools"

I make regularly use of following "artistic tools":
brush, airbrush, pencil and ink too. Technically, all these tools could
share the same configuration
engine (some options would exclude others to avoid mess) and live instead
as -default presets- in the
presets list only. 



As a user, I believe this is a good idea. Certainly the "pencil" tool should
be eliminated and turned to a "anti-aliased" checkbox in the brush tool that
can be turned off. The airbrush... maybe call it "cumulative" - again, can be
just a setting. 
As for the ink tool... well - I think all of its functionality has been 
replicated by the current brush engine. It was useful when the brush engine
was primitive but it's very impressive now. Perhaps the ink tool can be
simply retired, pending community approval. 

Now, this is just my feelings, based on my own use patterns. I know I
basically only use the brush tool and very occasionally want to use the 
pencil tool. I NEVER use the airbrush or ink tools. So it would be best to
see what other users do with them before deciding.

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