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I fully agree with Jehan and think it's essential
in a healthy software development process to scrutinize
and review things. Especially the whole color management
stuff is a topic that is not so clear to many of us and
- with all my respect to Pippin - depending on a
single expert's opinion is a risk in every project.
It's natural for this topic that it is also academic.
Academic work is the foundation for many things in the
computer world, may the hands-on-people like it or not.
Perhaps some other color management experts could join in
and share their knowledge?
One thing could be improved from my point of view: the
discussion is spread over the two lists gimp-developer and
gegl-developer. As it is all mainly BABL- and GEGL-related
it would be more helpful if the discussion took place on
a single list. I propose the GEGL-developer list, because
this catches both the GEGL-only devs as well as the GIMP

Kind regards


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