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On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Thorsten Stettin
<thorsten stettin gmail com> wrote:
Am 14.10.2014 um 15:04 schrieb Simon Budig:

Hi Thorsten.

Thorsten Stettin (thorsten stettin gmail com) wrote:

with all due respect to you, I think you should contribute instead to

If you perceive Elles texts as "babbling" it seems that this discussion
is way over your head and you might want to consider staying out of it.


Ok, It pisses me off though. I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
But we don't need any academic discussion.

Of course we do!
These kind of discussions are really helpful to understand things.
Most of these are also over my head (though I wish I understood more
of these!) but I am very grateful that they are done in the open! This
is also part of what makes a sane Free Software.

Now of course, meeting people in LGM or elsewhere is also very good,
but that should not prevent the results of these discussions to also
be discussed publicly here.
Same if it were by phone, I would still always appreciate discussions
to be summarized or continued on the mailing list.

We need contribution.

Seriously if you don't consider these extremely important
contributions for GIMP (discussion on a good architecture for what is
essentially the core of GIMP!), I wonder what will be!
Of course "code" contributions *too* is nice, but these happen after
the discussions in such cases.

Anyway please, this is the gimp-developer@ mailing list. If you don't
like these discussions about improving the core of GIMP, maybe you are
on the wrong list. Also you don't have to read them all! (there are a
lot which I don't find interesting just by reading the title, I don't
ask people to not write them!).
As long as everybody stays polite and remembers we are on a written
medium (hence misunderstandings and annoyed feelings are easier to
get; when that happens, just breath), please don't interrupt
completely on-topic discussions.


Ok, I'm just a packager, sorry for that.



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