[Gimp-developer] Windows - Gimp Open Nef files

Took me a long time to debug why I could not open nef files in Windows.
Turns out that the additional ifdef in raw-load.c was the culprit.

Comment out Lines 38 - 43 and it's all good. :)

File to modify gegl/operations/common/raw-load.c:
 #ifdef _WIN32
#include <io.h>
#include <process.h>
#define popen(n,m) _popen(n,m)
#define pclose(f) _pclose(f)

I also modifed  PIPE_MODE "r" to PIPE_MODE "rb"; i.e.

#ifdef _WIN32
#define PIPE_MODE "rb"
#define PIPE_MODE "r"

Now the only problem is that to open a nef file, you have to explicitly
select NEF as the file type since you cannot rely on the automatic
detection which defaults to a TIFF thumbnail.


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