Re: [Gimp-developer] Soft proofing and the GIMP Display Filters and Color Management settings

El mié, 12-03-2014 a las 23:35 -0400, Liam R E Quin escribió:
[ resending this to the list, at Gez's request :) ]

Sorry for the accidental private mail :)

Anyway, rather than bitdepth, my comment was about giving the artists a
framework to create freely without worrying (much) about the constraints
of input/output colorspaces.
It's impossible to have that with 8 bpc. And correct me if I'm wrong,
but I suspect that using proofing filters on non-linear 8bpc carries a
lot of problems and the result can't be completely reliable.

No, I think it's probably fine. Most commercial RIPs these days deal
with at least 10 and more likely 16bpp.

Notice that I'm talking about processing only. The output bitdepth
should be the usual for each file format (for instance, although
commercial RIPs no longer choke with 16bpc files, it's still recommended
to send 8 bit and probably sending more won't make any difference, at
least for offset).

Maybe we can have the flexibility and power just keeping two modes: 16
bit integer for memory-conservative tasks and 32 bit float for high
quality stuff.
That would rule out editing GIF animations and also make preparing
images for the Web or for use n mobile devices very hard.

Again, processing in high bit depth, soft-proofing against the target
colorspace, saving to the destination bitdepth and profile.
The "project" file keeps data and color latitude, the exported files are
converted to the desired parameters.
You can do exactly that with Blender's compositor, and it can save JPGs
or PNG for the web.
If an 8-bpc buffer can be displayed, the it's probably possible to
generate an indexed projection on the fly, pretty much like gimp-2.9
does now.


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