Re: [Gimp-developer] Soft proofing and the GIMP Display Filters and Color Management settings

First and foremost, it's nice to see someone working on GIMP color management again, so yay :o)

All of the suggestions seem reasonable for me. That said, additionally, I think it'd be really useful to be able to enable or disable soft-proofing quickly. It would be independently useful to be able to enable or disable out-of-gamut color marking quickly.

The usecase here is that, suppose I'm working up an image for print. Let's say I want to adjust the curves of the image so that I get a reasonable amount of shadow detail, but not so much that I get shadow banding (as from running out of dynamic range in the shadows). I'll want out-of-gamut colors enabled in order to judge how much shadow detail will actually show up in print. But I'll want it _disabled_ to judge banding, since the contrasting "out-of-gamut" color tends to make gradients really difficult to evaluate.


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