Re: [Gimp-developer] [GUI] Scrollbars for Script-Fu dialogs

I've actually seen "in the wild" a script-fu fork that would add
options for explicitliy creating widget columns.
AFAIK, author of that have never contacted the GIMP developers -
let me google around to try and find it -

Ah, here - someone had actually hacked the Python-fu to allow greater
control of the generated UI:

And as for script-fu,a couple of days ago, someone made a scroolbar
enabled version -
this is such a straightforward workaround for UI's getting larger than
the screen that maybe it
could be considered a bug-fix and go into gimp-2.8:

(disclaimer: I had not tried either, just saw the screenshots)


On 2 March 2014 10:07, Crazy Aunt Gail's, LLC <gail crazyauntgail com> wrote:
While GnuTux was working on his patch, I was investigating the possibility of a tabbed approached. Here are 
some of my thoughts on the matter.

A tabbed approach could either be implemented automatically or specified within the script. The first 
problem posed by an automatic approach is how the table of widgets should be split into multiple tabs. If 
it is hardcoded as a fixed number of widgets per page then users with large screen displays would
be penalized by choosing too small a number, whereas too large a number invites
the same problem we're attempting to solve. Splitting the tabs based
upon a calculation of the available screen real estate seems to me as running counter to the philosophy
of letting GTK and the window manager handle such things. Whether
hard-coded or derived, there are also the problems of whether the
widgets should be divided evenly amongst the tabs (we probably wouldn't
want to add a new tab for just one or two widgets) and how to label the

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