Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.6 french mac manual

The other problem I have with Gimp: The ufraw which is integrated in 2.6
GIMP (my operating system is Mac OS 10.4.11) cann't read correctly the
of my camera. So, I should need to download the ufraw 0.19.2 which knows
this camera... I could download it but I obtain a folder and I don't
know how
install it in Gimp and... and one more time, impossible to find a help
in any

There are no Mac builds of UFRaw to the best of my knowledge. Newer
version of UFRaw is part of GIMP 2.8 builds for Mac as I was given to
understand, but it probably won't work on your older Mac OS X version.
I don't see a simple solution for you.

Perhaps we could make use of the access to virtual machines running
various versions of OS X and build 2.8 for older OS X.


Just a small point here Alexandre, I have been providing UFRaw builds with
my Mac builds since I started providing McGimp. :)


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