Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.6 french mac manual

Hi marianne -

While some of your concerns could be more carefully addressed, please
note that GIMP 2.6 has been discontinued almost 2 years ago. The
current stable option of GIMP is 2.8 - and we have new people
(volunteers as you said)  actively working on the actual GIMP program
release for the Mac. The manual is a separate, huge, hybrid software
and documentation project and I think it had not been tackled by the
Mac folks in recent months or years.

Maybe your message could spark address in a fresh and working manual
release for Mac if there is none at the moment - but I can't see as
writing it in a hostile tone as you had just done could make anyone
more interested in working on that in their free time.


On 1 March 2014 11:00, marianne ganeau <marianne ganeau wanadoo fr> wrote:
… First : it's almost impossible to join you to report a problem or a bug. I
can understand that you are volunteers faced with many requests but it
doesn't explain or excuse nothing because if you are responsible of a
project you have to be in touch with your users. When I was volunteers for
others projects it was my philosophy. Since in the mailing lists you can't
find absolultely nothing because there is no mecanism of search in thousands
and thousands and thousands of pages !
Second : I have several problems with Gimp and I could not find nothing in
the lists or other bugs pages : hopeless.
My prinicipal problems : I could download the GIMP 2.6 french Mac manual…
But after downloading the .zip and opening it, I installed the package and
the result of this installation on my hard disk is only another « package »
which make… another installation but all ends with an « error » in this
second installation… I tried ten times and each ended with the same result.
And impossible to find an explanation in the lists or bug reports : am I
alone to have this problem ????
The other problem I have with Gimp: The ufraw which is integrated in 2.6
GIMP (my operating system is Mac OS 10.4.11) cann't read correctly the raws
of my camera. So, I should need to download the ufraw 0.19.2 which knows
this camera… I could download it but I obtain a folder and I don't know how
install it in Gimp and… and one more time, impossible to find a help in any
Sure, I'm not a good computerist and perhaps I'm not able to work with free
softwares, but I was able to work with my macs from approximatively 30 years
and I could do maintenance and repairs for ten computers in my job. So I'm
not so stupid but I can need for help !!! and I don't find where is the help
in your world and I'm sorry because the free softwares are a fantastic idea
but which would require some solidarity. I did'nt find it here.
Perhaps can you explain to me ?
Best regards,
Pierre Jacquin.

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