[Gimp-developer] Move tool


Recently someone pinged me (again) about a certain inconsistency that
I've seen affecting a considerable amount of users: that the Move tool
doesn't move contents of selections.

Frankly, I don't understand the logic behind this myself.

Selection tools are for selecting. Move tool is for moving. But we
made moving contents of selections part of selection tools for some
reason, and we made this as non-obvious as possible.

It looks like we assume that users actually read whatever is displayed
in the status bar and do try various combinations of Shift, Alt, and
Ctrl to see what happens. Clearly, this isn't working: I've seen users
trying the (subjectively) logical way to use a selection tool to
select, then switch to the move tool to move, fail, and give up.

What does the usability department think of this? :)


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