Re: [Gimp-developer] Questions about the XCF file format spec


On  12.7.2014 at 4:31 AM Ed . wrote:
I believe that the smart move is to go with the code if the doc
disagrees, given the age of the doc.

hmm, this doesn't really help with my questions, as this is what
I'm already doing.

I would like to open discussion on
a format of how to store GIMP images in an Open Document Format of some

The ORA format (see 4) has this in mind. See also ?

However, thank you for your nice attempt to help.

@Mitch, Nomis, Drawoc etc. - can you GIMP old stagers tell me a bit?

Kind regards,


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4) What will happen with the format after the GEGL
port? AFAIK the ORA format will play a big role in
the GEGL context (correct me if I'm wrong).
Will XCF be dropped then or will ORA then be yet
another import/export format like PSD etc.?

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