Re: [Gimp-developer] Questions about the XCF file format spec

I believe that the smart move is to go with the code if the doc disagrees, given the age of the doc. I would like to open discussion on a format of how to store GIMP images in an Open Document Format of some kind.

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I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the
XCF file format and to review and update the XCF spec

I've got some questions:

1) Some properties are denoted with "essential",
"editing state", "not editing state, but not really
essential either". I have problems understanding these
remarks. What did Henning Makholm mean?

2) I found the property PROP_ITEM_PATH in the code,
which is not yet in the spec (I'll add it). The
code reads that it is a list of pointers, represented
as uint32 integers and somehow in the context of layers.
However, I don't get what this is for and what the
property values mean.

3) The XCF file holds (for unclear historical reasons)
a level-of-detail hierarchy, but we only use the
lowest hierarchy level of it and other XCF consumers
are told to do the same.
For my understanding this looks like a mipmap. Would
using it to save an image pyramid or the thumbnail
for the File dialogs get us some benefits?

4) What will happen with the format after the GEGL
port? AFAIK the ORA format will play a big role in
the GEGL context (correct me if I'm wrong).
Will XCF be dropped then or will ORA then be yet
another import/export format like PSD etc.?

5) The document shows that the layer modes 'Overlay'
and 'Soft light' are identical.
If this information is still valid - is this state
subject to change in GEGL? Should we continue providing
two different names for the same thing?

Thank you in advance,

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