Re: [Gimp-developer] Remove "you can drop dockable dialogs here" label?

El mié, 12-02-2014 a las 03:03 -0500, Andrew Pullins escribió:
I was wondering if it was possible to remove the "you can drop dockable
dialogs here" label from underneath the tool box? I found a way to remove
wilber from the top which I really do not like, I think Wilber should be at
the top.  once I found this I tried to remove the label but can not seem to
find a way to do this. If there is not I think you should really consider
removing it from GIMP. 1. it is an eye sore and looks like it is a mistake,
and 2. you removed the doc area borders from underneath the dialogs
assuming that users are smart enough to figure out how to doc dialogs
together. why not remove this text.

I was thinking about this and came up with the idea of replacing the
text with a plus icon and a tooltip instead of the text.

I was about to create a quick mockup on this capture (it shows
how bad it looks when the toolbox is downscaled, not to mention how much
worse it gets when the text is localized)

Then I realized that probably a simpler solution is to just hide that
text when the drop area isn't big enough to contain a dialog inside.
My screenshot is a good example. You can't put any dialog there without
rescaling the toolbox.

Anyway, that text still looks pretty bad, even when it's appropriate, so
here's the mockup with the idea:

I think it's quite compact and easy to discover, and it definitely looks
better than the current text.
The idea of hiding it when the drop area is too small still applies.



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I think this is pretty much O.T.

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