[Gimp-developer] gtk-doc.make reloaded

Do that and all things will done.

        AUTHORS                 \
        COPYING                 \
        ChangeLog               \
        ChangeLog.pre-1-0       \
        ChangeLog.pre-1-2       \
        ChangeLog.pre-2-0       \
        ChangeLog.pre-2-2       \
        ChangeLog.pre-2-4       \
        ChangeLog.pre-2-6       \
        ChangeLog.pre-git       \
        HACKING                 \
        INSTALL                 \
        LICENSE                 \
        NEWS                    \
        NEWS.pre-2-0            \
        NEWS.pre-2-2            \
        NEWS.pre-2-4            \
        NEWS.pre-2-6            \
        README                  \
        README.i18n             \
        authors.dtd             \
        authors.xml             \
        authors.xsl             \
        config.h.win32          \
        gimp-zip.in             \

This is the Makefile.am in the root of GIMP's - yes, it comes from Git - source tree. I changed my Ubuntu/Debian rules file, so I don't need no patch anymore regarding this issue, I hope. But please ensure /usr/share/gtk-doc/data/gtk-doc. must exist at build time, if you, e.g. change the Holy Grail, aka Makefile.am, pay attention, :-D



PS: Please, don't get me wrong: https://launchpad.net/~otto-kesselgulasch/+archive/ubuntu/gimp-edge/+packages. Reading educates. O:-)

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