Re: [Gimp-developer] Updating the website for all the broken download links?

Hi Sven,

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 3:28 PM, scl <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:
On  28.4.2014 at 3:59 AM Sam Gleske wrote:

As I mentioned in the past the offer is still open for me to QA the GIMP
website frontend for dead links and generate a report.  I didn't ever get
approval from any of the core devs so I didn't run any front end tests.


Hi Sam,

yes, we lately had this topic and somehow it went out of sight.
I'm not the webmaster, but I think it's useful.
If we should/can integrate something into our Jenkins job set,
then let me know.

I guess it is easy to have something like a scripted check (maybe
automatically run after the website is deployed, or simply a cron run
every month or so).

The script in itself could be as easy as:


linkchecker -q --file-output=text/utf8/linkchecker-gimp.txt \
                  --no-status --no-warnings --ignore-url=^bitcoin: \


header="From: \"GIMP website\" <linkchecker gimp org>
\nTo: \"GIMP website admin\" <admin gimp org>
\nSubject: Broken links were detected on GIMP website.
\nMIME-Version: 1.0
\nContent-Type: text/plain
\nBelow the output from the linkchecker command:

if [[ $success != 0 ]]; then
    echo -e $header | cat - linkchecker-gimp.txt | sendmail -i -t


Basically it checks all links on the website and if it finds any
error, it would send an email (could be sent on the dev list rather
than the admin), with the list of error links (here as a
human-readable text file, but can be generated in more programmatic
formats, like csv, if needed). Not sure about the sendmail part in the
above script, because sendmail is not configured on my laptop and I
never send email on console, but apparently the syntax should be like

Of course I'd say such a script should only be run once any existing
broken link has been eradicated (otherwise we'd just spam ourselves
with very long emails).

I have actually already ran linkchecker once (but I can't attach it
here since the mailing list don't take attachment), and it found 110
links in error! Now we need someone to verify each item and see if
there are links to update, remove or anything else, on gimp-web
repository; that's the boring part of the job.
If anyone wants me to send them the generated link list out-list, just
ask me (or just run the above linkchecker command, or whatever
favorite software of yours :-).




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