Re: [Gimp-developer] Big problem with Gimp G'MIC with upcoming Gimp 2.10

On  27.4.2014 at 2:05 AM Jehan Pagès wrote:
On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 4:55 AM, Jon Nordby <jononor gmail com> wrote:
One could set up g'mic or another well-maintained C++ plugin for GIMP
to build on Jenkins? That way these errors would be quickly (and
hopefully fixed).

Actually more simply a very simple do-nothing C++ plugin, yet which
includes all possible libgimp headers, could be integrated in the tree
as a C++ compilation test to be run during `make check`. That would
also catch these kind of bugs.

Two souls are dwelling in my in my breast:

As GIMP is also a platform for programming cutting-edge image
processing algorithms by scientists and artists I think it's a good
idea to test the exposed GIMP interface for this purpose.
G'MIC with its scientific background seems to be a good candidate.
I checked G'MIC's sources and at least there is an example to
call the G'MIC-GIMP-plug-in from other Scheme plug-ins. They could
work as test-drivers.

On the other hand G'MIC with its many filters seems to be a quite good
candidate to push our GEGL porting progress forward. From an technical-
architectural point of view I rather see its place in the filter-
processing-component, i.e. in GEGL (as code donation or through a
wrapper interface). From this point of view the aforementioned part
of GIMP's product vision suits better to GEGL and GIMP could fully
focus on the artistic part.
Also the G'MIC plug-in with its extra dialog currently looks like a
duplication of the Filters menu and could be more integrated (like
the FxFoundry for example).
As I'm currently doing the Jenkins work almost alone I'd prefer a
solution that's easy to maintain. Jehan's proposal looks good for its

Kind regards,


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