[Gimp-developer] ftp.gimp.org renamed to download.gimp.org

Hi all,

recently, we moved the GIMP website to a virtual machine. The machine,
hosted by Red Hat, features more recent software and is more reliable
than the aging previous one (maintained by Shawn Amundson for many years).

There is, however, one change that will be quite noticeable: at the new
location, it is impossible to offer access via FTP.

This means that any link starting with ftp://ftp.gimp.org won't work

http://ftp.gimp.org would still work, but it is a bit silly to use a
host name that implies a non-working protocol. So we decided to change
this to


We're currently updating http://www.gimp.org to change all the links
pointing there. If you have access to any site out there that still
references ftp.gimp.org, please change this to download.gimp.org -
especially if the link uses the ftp:// uri scheme.

P.S. if you are a maintainer of an existing ftp.gimp.org mirror, you are
probably not updating it right now (at least if you synced via FTP). You
could change to updates via HTTP, but we're finally able to provide
rsync access again. Please contact me to get credentials for this.

GPG: 96A8 B38A 728A 577D 724D 60E5 F855 53EC B36D 4CDD

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