[Gimp-developer] [FEATURE] - Blend mode "Truncate"

Ok, I think if we keep posting new small wanted (and being hacked on)
features here, maybe we can get the thing going.

So, I propose adding a fourth "repeat mode" for the Blending tool:

The default behavior when blending with repeat "None" is to stretch the last
color on the gradient (and for linear blending, also the first one) to
"infinity", past the point the user dragged the blending endpoint to.

Sometimes, it might be desirable just to stop filing in new colors
at the point the user stopped dragging the blending tool.

Currently, if one wants to perform just that, for example,
drawing a gradient circle without overwritting all the layer
with the last gradient color, there are two options:
1) create a selection previous to using the blending tool
delimitng the wanted area
2) modifying the gradient to be used so that its last segment
is a fully transparent color. And this has to be done to all gradients one
intends to use.

Besides having to create a selection, method 1 still requires the user
to visually match the starting point of the blending with the center of
the desired select circle or square. And if one wants to delimit a
linear or bi-linear
blending, pre-selecting the affected area is not only hard, but non obvious,
requiring the use of quickmask and the blend tool (witha  solid color gradient)

Note that some of the intended uses for Square of Circular shapped gradients
may not even be possible to achieve due to the constrainst above.

By introducing a "truncate blending" mode to gradients, drawing a gradient
square or circle in GIMP is straightforward (it will also fulfill the demand of
some users for easy ways to draw basic shapes while we don't
have a proper shape tool).

Maybe this should have even been the proper behavior for "Repeat None" -
but since it can't be changed now, introducing this as a new repeating mode
can bring new ways to use the blending tool and GIMP itself.

Comments on this idea anyone?


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