[Gimp-developer] Gamma slider adjustments don't work in unbounded mode sRGB

Gamma slider adjustments don't work in unbounded mode sRGB:

If gamma slider adjustments don't work, then Curves will also fail, even if it's possible to make Curves work on unbounded data without clipping.

The suggestion was made that compressing the data to fit within the bounded range 0.0 to 1.0, performing an editing operation, then uncompressing back to the original range, might solve the problem of operations failing in the unbounded mode sRGB color space.

Unfortunately compressing before doing a gamma slider adjustment, followed by uncompressing, produces entirely different results than doing the gamma slider adjustment on the uncompressed data in the first place: x^a is not equal to ((x+y)^a - y).

A solution to the problem of gamma slider adjustments not working in unbounded mode sRGB is to use the chromaticities of the source color space to make a linear gamma color space in which to do Gamma slider adjustments.


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