Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP System Requirements

On 10/23/2013 05:52 PM, C R wrote:

With GIMP, you just download it and try it out to see if it fits your
needs. There is no consumer risk involved with doing this....

While I am in agreement with virtually everything you have said...
I beg to differ with the point about "no consumer risk". Over the years, I have "lost" days of my life to such "try it and see if it works for me" situations. To _me_ there is a very high "consumer risk". I know that nothing is perfect and even paying lots of money usually does not mean that there is "no consumer risk" in terms of time. However, if (ha!) I knew FOR SURE (ha!) in advance that my choice was a) a couple of days of testing and struggling vs b) paying a few hundred dollars, I would rather pay the few hundred dollars.

Maybe someone can toss together a benchmarking plugin that takes some
sample images, and processes them in various ways and produces a "user
experience" rating...

That is a really good idea. It would be even more useful if combined that with a web page where testers then post their results in a very structured manner including information about their specific hardware, etc. Thus other potential users can see in advance how a specific Gimp version works in a specific environment. (Or are there still too many variables?)


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