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Hi again,

On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 4:35 PM, Jehan Pagès <jehan marmottard gmail com> wrote:

On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 3:06 AM, scl <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:

beside the 'Summer of Code' program for students Google
offers 'Code-In', a program for pre-university students,
ages 13-17 years old. The program can be found at
<snip my long answer>

Well I checked possible tasks:

- Coding: we have a bunch of GNOME-LOVE bugs:
By definition, they should not take too long for young but autonomous
developers. Each can be considered 1 task.

- Doc: I checked the gimp-help-2 repo. We don't have any doc written
for several new features. For instance there is apparently no page for
the unified transform tool. No page for the warp tool. Nothing about
the new 16/32 bit precision, etc.

I'm sure each of these could be considered 1 full task for a young
student, if done well (with nice screenshot, comprehensive text, and
following DocBook syntax, etc.).

- Tutorial: won't say further, I guess patdavid should be the one
saying what is suitable.

The price here is t-shirts for anyone who complete 3 tasks, and a trip
with their parents to Google headquarters for 20 big winners. That's
not much, so tasks should stay simple stuff. Actually that's the
disappointing stuff, and the only reason why this program is not so
nice (I would never have participated with such prizes when I was a
kid!), because I don't want to use cheap labor. But for kids who like
Free Software and want to participate anyway, yeah why not.


Do we want to join this program this year?

Anyway all this to say, why not? I would be glad to mentor too. :-)


Kind regards,

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