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beside the 'Summer of Code' program for students Google
offers 'Code-In', a program for pre-university students,
ages 13-17 years old. The program can be found at

Tasks for these students include coding, documentation,
training, community management, outreach/marketing, problem solving,
quality assurance and user interface tasks.
I could i.e. imagine tasks in the fields of GEGL porting, testing,
documenting, translation, website maintenance, bug triaging etc.

I had a look. I did not read all, but this looks interesting. Maybe
even more than the normal gsoc on another level, because it may be
more manageable than huge 3-month projects that may end up or not
merged in after years. If I got the concept, these younger students
would make much smaller projects, and could do many of them on various
projects. Like few-day-length projects.
So that's a faster pace for mentors, but in the same time, if code for
instance, that will be very small patches. So we check the few line
changes, and if good, we approve the student work and can push the
code to master without waiting for 3 years.

For code tasks for instance, I would not see GEGL porting, because
that involves quite an involvement for the student to comprehend all
the concepts. But I could see GNOME-LOVE bugs/features or other easy
tasks in GIMP, GEGL, babl or even GTK+ when they have direct visible
impact in GIMP. Test case writing could be nice too.

Extensive testing, bug reporting would be good.

And obviously documentation! I'm sure Patdavid would not be against
students re-writing some of the tutorial with new screenshots. And we
could use updating of gimp-help too.

Do we want to join this program this year?

Anyway all this to say, why not? I would be glad to mentor too. :-)


Kind regards,

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