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On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 4:35 AM, Abraham Mireles Alvarez
<abraham_alma2 hotmail com> wrote:
Hello everyone

Just eanted to let you know that I am available as a translator in case you need help

I'm not a translator for GIMP, who would know better what procedure
there is. But I guess a first step would be to clone the git
development repository of GIMP, compile it, and see what is missing or
wrong. Maybe there could be an easier procedure for translators, where
you could use existing builds, and just compile the po files, but I
have no idea if such a process is in place.
Because if you work off a released version, you can't be sure if
something has not already been translated by someone else.

Then you could edit the po files. Do you know about gettext syntax?
This might be the next step. :-)

If someone more versed into translation than me would answer you, that
would be great, though. But I would suggest you to come on the IRC
channel. Most of the contributors prefer to discuss through this
channel, rather than email:

Have fun!


Spanish- english

I got a 630 at the TOEFL
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