Re: [Gimp-developer] Mystery: scaling "thin" areas makes them partially transparent

Hmm, I was going to report the same observation. A few days ago I
upscaled a 768px wide gradient times 1600, but just horizontally,
keeping the vertical dimension the same. There were several pixels at
either side of the gradient (but not at the top and bottom edges) that
were clear. Are you sure "none" also doesn't have the same issue? When
I removed the alpha channel, I got white.

On 10/9/13, Ofnuts <ofnuts laposte net> wrote:
I have a layer filled with black 100% opaque.

If I select a 3px wide strip only shrink the long side, the final result
is not 100% opaque: I get a one-pixel high black line at 100% opacity
with a black line at 87% opacity on each side. And is the selected strip
is only 1px high, the resulting line is 74% opaque. If thereis no alpha
channel I get gray instead.

This seems interpolation related since using "None" doesn't produce this

Is there an explanation to this? And can it be avoided?
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