[Gimp-developer] layer multi-select


I am going to make an effort to get a layer multi-select going. In this email I will outline what I hope to achieve and I am asking what would be the most effective way to go about submitting a patch that could get accepted.

The goal is to be able to select multiple layers, and perform actions on the set of selected layers as a whole. Initially the actions would be limited to changing the visibility, changing the locked, or moving the selected layers to a group. This would be different than creating a group of layers because it would be easier to select additional layers in the layer dialog by using shift + click for a range of layers or ctrl+click to add/remove a layer from the currently selected.

To implement this I want to add multi-select to the layers dialog. Then when there are multiple layers selected an action would check for multiple layers selected and act accordingly. Similar to using a layer group.

I can see writing this two different ways, I am open to suggestions for more though. The first way is to use the actual layers dialog and add a multi-select to the dialog. Then modify individual actions to check for a multiple selection. The second way would be to create a plugin that makes a duplicate "layers dialog" with multiple selection. This dialog would allow actions that are performed on multiply selected layers.

I have only briefly looked over the code, and I am open to suggestions. I think either way would be non-intrusive in the current selection model and allow some migration, such that if it works then actions can be migrate to using the selected layers instead of the active layer.

Thank you

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