[Gimp-developer] require a simple normal map app


We are looking for GIMP developers interested in creating a simple to use
normal map generator for our future 3D scanners. 


Our group will soon be launching a crowd funding presentation to
commercialize a professional quality 3D scanner, designed for mainstream
use. All of the technology is developed by us and in use by professionals
around the world in top corporations, studios and institutions. We intend to
make a new product much simpler to use and lower the price points down to
appeal to the casual user, gamer, artist and schools, while keeping the
quality top rate. 


We, like you, think 3D should be everywhere. To get quality at a maximum,
which is the hallmark of our scanners, our point cloud density can be large.
So we need to include or have a simple method (could be in the form of a
plug-in app) that allows our inexperienced user base to make a normal map so
files can be posed online for viewing or used in a game engine. Our goal is
step by step simplicity for all processes, recognizing that our client base
wants quality results, but have no time or interest in themselves becoming
experts. If you already have or are interested in creating a straight
forward solution, please let me know.

Best Regards


Brad Moore





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