[Gimp-developer] GIMP | User Interface | 2.8. - Follow-up [Bug 710167] Scale image - enter key inactive but highlighted

Hello all,
Following a remark (not really a bug) I wrote https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=710167 /" Scale image - enter key inactive - must use mouse click//"/
Michael Natterer ask me to write to the gimp-developer mailing list.
"maybe we should reevaluate that dialog, can you raise the issue on the gimp-developer mailing list please? //
//Bugzilla just doesn't have the audience for UI discussions."/

To outline the "bug": I open an image, I use image\scale image menu, I enter a number for the width and as the <scale> button border is highlighted, I use the <enter> key ... and nothing happen.

So I wrote the Bugzilla entry.

For a user point of view it seems that the User Interface is working in different ways depending of the sub-window/function called. If I understand Michael, a bug (btw, I was unable to find which one) was corrected by downgrading the Scale pop-up window, let us say, with a quick shortcut.

I think that way of doing can be only temporary. All tools in GIMP have to work in a similar way (from user point of view).

if a user can enter a value for a file name and hit the <enter> key with a highlighted border in the file save function, the same user hope to be able to enter a width value in the field of the scale function and immediately after, hit the <enter> key with its border already highlighted, to get Gimp doing the job.

So, I stop my rambling here.
I hope that some of the bests around GIMP U.I. , can put their minds on this to find the best way. (or discard this, if I am wrong)

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